Hello and welcome to Matt's Oscar Blog. For the last few years I have become a real Oscar nerd. I make sure and see all of the nominated movies before Oscar night. There are a lot of shitty movies out there that I have wasted my time with, but all of the nominations usually offer the best in movies. This blog will follow all of the Oscar contenders for 2011. I will always be updating this site with the latest news, possible nominations and my predictions. This will be a great place to check which movies you should see before Oscar night. I will include my personal reviews of all of the movies that I see this season. I will post trailers and clips of all of the films that you need to see. So please join me EVERYDAY for the latest Academy Awards information. Please feel free to comment on this blog about your predictions, reviews and what you think should be an Oscar winner. Please sign up to follow this blog and get the latest updates!!