Friday, January 21, 2011


This week I will give my opinions on each Oscar category. I will include my predictions and personal favorites. Today I  my opinion on Best Actress.

This is a tough category this year. There were a lot of great performances, so the competition is tough. There are only a couple nominees that are a sure thing. The rest are a toss up. The safe bets are:

Natalie Portman
Annette Bening
Jennifer Lawrence

The other two spots are a toss up between:

Nicole Kidman
Hailee Steinfeld
Lesley Manville
Michelle Williams
Julianne Moore

I would like to see Nicole Kidman and Michelle Williams fill the other spots. The critics have a lot of opinions on this category, so it's tough to say how the Academy will vote.

Predicted Winner 
Natalie Portman-BLACK SWAN

My Personal Favorite

Feel free to post your own thoughts.

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  1. Natalie and Annete are in, and Lawrence is a solid bet, but you're right, the other nominees are a toss-up. My preference is Kidman, though I haven't seen Williams and Manville yet..