Friday, January 28, 2011


BLUE VALENTINE is the story of a married couple and their relationship over a span of years. Michelle Williams plays Cindy who falls for Dean played by Ryan Gosling. The film is cut between time periods, where you see a happy fun loving pair along with their very dark and difficult times together. Williams is nominated for Best Actress for this role and does not disappoint. The real star though is Gosling. It is unfortunate that he has not been recognized for this part. The movie is shot documentary style making the performances feel very real and this is where Gosling shines. I was not crazy about the scenes being out of sequence. I really had to think a second to figure out where they were in their relationship. This took me out of film a little bit. I would have rather have seen their story develop and be shown through its natural course. BLUE VALENTINE was originally given a NC-17 rating, but with some convincing the MPAA changed it to an R rating. This movie is for the true independent film lover. Nothing flashy here, just great acting with a so-so story.


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