Sunday, February 27, 2011


I don't mean the awards year I mean the movie ANOTHER YEAR.  In my mad rush to see as many movies as I can by tonight, I saw ANOTHER YEAR last night. It is nominated for only one Academy Award for Best Screenplay. It is not going to win over THE KING'S SPEECH and the story is only so-so. It is about 
a married couple who have managed to remain happy into their autumn years. They are surrounded over the course of the four seasons of one average year by friends, colleagues, and family who all seem to suffer some degree of unhappiness. Leslie Manville steals the show. She was certainly snubbed from this years Best Supporting Actress category. If anything I recommend this movie for Manville's performance as a neurotic woman bordering on being an alcoholic. She doesn't have to say a word. The pain in her eyes is unmistakable.

Manville: A+

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