Sunday, September 25, 2011


THE LION KING 3D surprisingly was number one at the box office this weekend. Not bad for a movie that is 17 years old. MONEYBALL came in second with $20.6 million. These are just estimates from the weekend. Since LION KING and MONEYBALL are so close it is possible MONEYBALL will end on top once the real numbers are in. Here is the top 10 of the week with Oscar potentials underlined"

1.The Lion King ($22.1m)

2.Moneyball ($20.6m)

3.Dolphin Tale ($20.3m)

4.Abduction ($11.2m)

5.Killer Elite ($9.5m)

6.Contagion ($8.6m)

7.Drive ($5.8m)

8.The Help ($4.4m)

9.Straw Dogs ($2.1m)

10.I Don't Know How She Does It ($2.1m)

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