Sunday, October 9, 2011


Ryan Gosling can do no wrong. Whatever character he plays he is great. In DRIVE he plays a guy who is a movie stuntman driver by day and getaway driver by night. I realized after it was over that we never learn his name in the movie. That is great way to portray a character that on one hand is an all around nice guy to one that can be a ruthless killer. Director Nicolas Winding Refn gives DRIVE an 80's art film feel that is character driven as much as it is a thriller. The jury is still out on the soundtrack, but it plays a big part in the movie. The slow motion paired with the music really build up the tension. Overall the acting is A+ (Carey Mulligan seemed miscast in her role). Albert Brooks is sure to get a Best Supporting Actor nomination. The story seemed to move a little fast, but Refn's stylized directing makes it worth the ride.


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