Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I first saw Melissa McCarthy on season one of the sitcom Mike & Molly. At first I was not a big fan. I thought that she was cast just for being overweight to fit the part and her delivery was very dry. As the season went on she seemed to get much more comfortable in the role and became a likable character. McCarthy went on to win an Emmy this year for the sitcom. She really became a stand out in her role in BRIDESMAIDS and she was one of the best Hosts I have seen on Saturday Night Live.  Recently her name has been floating around as a possible Best Supporting Actress contender. It would be great to see her get the nomination. BRIDESMAIDS was the best comedy of the year and comedies don't often show up on Oscar night. The Oscars can get pretty predictable it's nice to see some surprised now and then.

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