Sunday, September 12, 2010

Festival Time

September begins all of the big film festivals that help to determine which films will be nominated. Hundreds of films are reviewed and the movies with Oscar buzz are weeded out. So far Venice and Telluride are finished and we are in the middle of the Toronto Film fest.  For many, it is WAY to early to begin to predict nominees yet alone best picture. I will be doing all of the research for you including a checklist of the movies to see and when they will be released. A few films have already come out of these festivals with great potential.  Some of the best reviewed movies are:

     THE KINGS SPEECH (November 26th) 

        -127 HOURS (November 5th)

 -BLACK SWAN (December 1st) 

-ANOTHER YEAR (December 31st)

-SOMEWHERE-(Won the top award at Venice)(November 11th)

-NEVER LET ME GO(September 15th) Limited


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