Monday, September 13, 2010


Occasionally some summer movies make it to Oscar season. There are a few definites this year.

-TOY STORY 3 (DVD Nov. 2nd) - Guaranteed to be nominated in Best Picture category and WILL win Best Animated Feature.

-WINTER'S BONE (DVD Oct. 26)-Possibility Best Picture nomination, but sure to get nominations in other categories.

-THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT-(In Theaters) This film has had nothing but positive reviews. You will surely see some Best Acting or Screenplay nominations.

-SOLITARY MAN-(Now on DVD) Some buzz about Michael Douglas for Best Actor. I saw the movie over the weekend. Seems unlikely. Look for my review soon.

-INCEPTION- (DVD possibly Dec. 6th) Some are convinced it will be nominated for Best Picture. Some crazies even think it will win Best Picture. I find this highly unlikely. It will probably get a lot of technical nominations.

-SHUTTER ISLAND-( Now on DVD) Read same comments under Inception they apply for Shutter Island also.

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