Wednesday, October 27, 2010


-Halle Berry will now be in the running for the film FRANKIE & ALICE. She is being pushed for a Best Actress nomination for her performance as a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder. The film will get a one week qualifying release in December before its actual release in 2011. This film was on the qualifying list in 2009 also, but can be considered again this year.  I would not count on Berry receiving a nomination, but they are giving it a try. She needs something after that great performance in CATWOMAN!

-WINTER'S BONE was released yesterday on DVD. You will be seeing this film a lot at awards time so check it out. 

-FOR COLORED GIRLS was moved up from January release to November in order to qualify for this years awards season.  Kimberly Elise and Thandie Newton will be campaigning for Supporting Actress, despite early buzz for Loretta Devine and Janet Jackson. The reviews for Tyler Perry's work have not been steller. The Hollywood Reporter described it as a "train wreck of a movie".  Sounds like the performances are good, but just another Tyler Perry film.

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