Thursday, October 7, 2010


 The story is about Mark Zuckerberg and the "other" founders of Facebook. It is based on the book  "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich. Mark played by Jesse Eisenberg is a computer programming nerd at Harvard University. A way to social network college students at his school eventually leads to a global way of communication.  Along with that comes many legal and personal problems for Zuckerberg.
     The films beings with a great two person dialogue between Zuckerberg and his girlfriend Erica. This scene is long but really showcases the writing talents of Arron Sorkin. This exchange sets up the tone for the entire movie. You get the sense that Zuckerberg may not be a real nice guy. He is approached by twins both played by Armie Hammer. I had no idea that the twins were played by the same person until after the movie. These guys have an idea for a website that Zuckerberg and his best friend Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) take and run with. Then the lawsuits begin. A lot of the movie takes place in two deposition rooms with flashbacks. It makes it a little hard to follow at first, but then it begins to make sense. Sean Parker played by Justin Timberlake is introduced about halfway in the film. He is the founder of Napster who is very interested in helping Zuckerberg expand Facebook. Parker had a greater role in Facebook than I knew. Timberlake can actually act.  He is very believable as the guy with all of the ideas, but just cant execute them.
     This movie is all talk and can seem slow, but the film is not boring. There is far from any action, but Sorkins screenplay and the acting of the cast make this movie one of the best. The real acting talents come out in the last ten minutes when everything comes to a head and the true personalities of the characters comes out. THE SOCIAL NETWORK will without a doubt be nominated for Best Picture, Director and screenplay. Eisenberg, Timberlake and Garfield should all be nominated in the acting categories.

 My Grade: A-

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